One thought on “A Guide for Lent – Beauty in the Common

  1. Dear Lord,
    Help me recognize I need freedom from…
    judging others,
    overworking at the expense of my family,
    coveting the attributes and talents of others,
    regretting not developing the gifts you gave me,
    having to belong to “something” to feel worthy.

    Help me recognize I need freedom from…
    craving attention,
    exaggerating the truth,
    needing to be recognized,
    seeking comfort in material things,
    over-volunteering instead of learning about your grace,
    tenderness and mercy.

    As I walk this 40 day journey with You, Lord, open my eyes
    to learn more about the Man who gave His precious life for me –
    the priceless gift; the ultimate gift of eternity with You. Amen.

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