Hi Friends!


What a year it’s been. In light of our Lent Photo Challenge and the absolutely beautiful Sono Forma gathering last weekend, I wanted to put something together that would potentially encourage and challenge you in this next year.


So here’s what I got:


Below is a PDF. On each page there are four images, brilliantly designed (seriously – straight up created from scratch!) by the incredible Molly Studer and team. Each image has a corresponding word for each week of this next year.


This is the idea:


Instead of a doing a photo each day like we did for Lent, the challenge is to focus on just one word each week and to share the unique way each of us saw or found beauty in light of that word. Use the hashtag #beautyinthecommon when you post, and click the hashtag to see all of the other ways that different people are seeing or experiencing beauty in their own communities.


But I want to take that idea one step further:


Up to this point, “Beauty in he Common” has been about seeing or experiencing beauty in everyday, mundane, and shared spaces. Recently I’ve felt spurred in my own life to not only see the beauty that’s all around me, but to  show it to the people I come in contact with every day as well.


And I want to invite you to do the same!


For this next year I am hoping to not only see more deeply but also love more fully. My prayer is that the beauty I come in contact with would lead me to better care for the people around me, strangers and friends alike.


So join me! Print this PDF off. Cut them into bookmarks. Hang them on your mirror. Put them on your dashboard. Make them your desktop wallpaper. Whatever you decide to do, I am so excited to see what these next 52 weeks have in store for us as we seek to slow down, breathe deeply, and see beauty in the common places and people all around us.


Come along! Invite someone to join! Tag them in the Instagram post at @beautyinthecommon to get them started!


And thank you all for the many ways you inspire me! It means more than you know.


THE PDF: “A Year of Beauty in the Common

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