Hi Friends!


Happy Easter, ya’ll! Whether you consider yourself a “spiritual person” or not – I hope that today is absolutely filled with joy and rejuvenation of some kind!


As many of you know, the “Beauty in the Common Lent Challenge” concludes today and a bunch of people (way more than I expected, to be totally honest) have been asking me, “What’s next, punk?”


Well shoot dang – ima ‘bout to tell you!


On April 25th, we’re partnering with the incredible people over at Imago Studios in Elgin, IL to host a big ‘ol “come one, come all!” celebration we’re calling, “Sono Forma.”


So here’s the skinny – you are not only invited to attend, but also invited to participate! If you have a song, picture, poem, design, dance, painting sculpture, or anything else that speaks of finding beauty in ordinary, mundane, or shared spaces – we would positively love for you to share it! If you don’t have something made/created yet- that’s okay! Go for it! If you can dream it up, we want to make a space for you to share it!


At the heart of it all – our dream is for this to be a gathering of people of every shape, size, skill-level, and background who encourage, provoke, and inspire each other to see the simple beauties all around us, every day, often right under our noses.


So browse the #BeautyInTheCommon hashtag and get those creative juices flowing. Dust off that paintbrush, restring that guitar, crack open that journal and then sign up to share!


And even if you’re not interested in contributing to the event itself, we still very much want you to come and invite anyone you think might be stirred or encouraged by a gathering like this! It’s going to be a real hootenanny!


I look forward to dreaming and chatting with you all more!




Click Here —-> Eventbrite
Click Here —-> Sign Up!


Sono Forma [Beauty in the Common] from Ian Simkins on Vimeo.

sono2 copy

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