Human beings instinctually welcome relationship when their hearts are softened by warm, sun-soaked sounds.  And this openness is not accidental.  It coincides with the time of renewal, of rebirth.  We are not meant to live in isolation.  We are not made for solitude.  The evidence lies in the beauty of the thaw.  When the earth comes alive, the entire essence of a person reacts.  Logically, we recognize it is healthy to be out in the light among others.  The emotional self, too, is invigorated, for happiness comes in waves as we walk in the open air, conversing with friends and observing others.  The spirit is quickened as the philosophical brain is engaged on an early spring day, pondering the source of nature and the meaning of life.  Even the body, long dormant from the solitary winter, is activated, inviting exercise when the day is warm and the atmosphere lively.

Do not forsake the call of Spring.  Do not fear the urge to be vulnerable.  Instead, revel in the joy of a shared existence.  Say hello to a neighbor.  Hold the door for a co-worker.  Celebrate with the opposing team.  Cry with a stranger.  In the end, the thing our nature is actually fighting against is loneliness.  And in an increasingly-isolated world, we could all stand to listen to the thaw a little more closely.