In the rush of daily life we look at much but see very little.

It’s not hard to be gripped by a stunning mountain range or a grand waterfall –
but Beauty in the Common is about allowing ourselves to be
captivated and moved in the everyday, mundane,
and unexpected spaces of our lives.

For us, this goes way beyond merely “stopping to smell the
roses” to something a whole lot deeper. The word “common” not only means “ordinary”,
but also “shared, united, and conjunct.” Our hope is to stir and provoke one
another to begin to see with new lenses the simple shared beauties all around

So add your own voice by using the #beautyinthecommon
hashtag and join the journey!

Then embolden those in your own communities to do the
same and it may be featured in the forthcoming book!

May we have eyes to see the beauty in the people and places
all around us.

Tell a story.

Share a glimpse.

Inspire a heart.